Alex have  used various models of bass guitar through the years, the two most commonly used brands have been Handy Pepper (evident on his solo works and as exemplified by “Rush Inside”) and Rickenbacker.
He  has the Handy Pepper 6-string from 2002-Classic fretless bass – the one he used a lot with Palm Tree and  the Handy Pepper 6-string from 2003 -Predator model. He also have a MIDI pick-up fitted on it.which gives me the option of playing with a V Bass and the sounds like electric upright that he’ve been using with Palm Tree/Elmian, and a couple of rack effects and pedals. He haven’t played the Rickenbacker in about two years, but am using it for teaching. He really liked the 4001 and it’s a stereo instrument, allowing you to have two different sounds from the two pickups.
He has  Handy Pepper basses since the 1990s including the Classic Series and Predator models. The Handy Pepper basses are handmade in Russia , built by D.Youkomolsky, a former rock musician.

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