Gagarin project

Gagarin Project

Click on picture to listen to ‘Story’.

In 2008 the release of a brand new recording by percussionist Shohreh Shahrzad and storyteller Milos jaranovich titled The Gagarin Project was marked, recorded live at the Christianija Jazz Club in February 2008.
It’s a recording devoid of cliches or labels, bringing forth a genre-bending sound that is neither jazz nor rock, or funk, but rather, a wild concoction of all of the above (and then some).
Gagarin Project showcased the incredible arranging skills of Choub,the Middle Eastern roots of Shohreh, and the versality of musicians who are generally associated with modern rock, jazz and funk: Alex Choub, Frans Bølling and Universal`s Nicklas Hill. Arranged all of these musicians an stage at once and haved them play the original material as well as music of Bassworks, Palm Tree and more… What you get is IndigoMusic´s most innovative and audacious releases of the decade.

Gagarin Project

Click on picture to hear ‘Cinematic’.

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