Palm Tree

This instrumental orchestra, featuring Alex Choub, violinist Grygory Khodos, Shohreh Shahrzad and Frans Bølling, is an eclectic blend of world, ambient, rock and World-style music. Shohreh Shahrzad provides an interesting backdrop of sounds and textures using the drumset and percussion, adding a beautiful organic edge to a landscape of sounds. This release would be especially appealing to fans of World/Lounge music.



“As musicians we are blending into a moving contrapuntal thing that’s not tense. Other times, in fact most of the time, I’ll sense a hovering around one key base, and I’ll go to a different one, or sometimes two, as I can play around say G on the synth bass, then reach over to the fretless bass and play in E simultaneously.”
~ Alex Choub

MASS ELmiaN Palm Tree Live 2008

Nina From Bassworks performed Live by Palm Tree Elmian

MASS ELmiaN Palm Tree Live 2008 Christiania TV

Lovers Night Live by Palm Tree Elmian Christiania TV Party

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