Music to the performance ‘Repetition’


‘Repetition’ is inspired by Soren Kierkegaard’s reflection on the concept of ‘repetition’ of the writing ‘Repetition’, 1843.

The performance is a reminder and reflection on time presence in the moment and “the true beauty” as Kierkegaard calls it to be engaged in life.

‘Repetition’ is a repetitive series of new events and moments – a picture of reality.

When everyday haste meets the slow process of the wanderer  there is a focus on future linearity opposed to the presence in the moment.
The lonely wandering with a branch in balance on the shoulder in ultra slow pace along the busy pedestrian street . . . shift weight forward on the foot, rolling slowly through the entire sole of the foot , lift the foot, lead foot forward, pushing the dress edge set foot in the ground – this is the repetitive action of the ordinary , everyday event time’.

Strøget/Amager Torv ,
Copenhagen, D.01 February 2014

photographer & clips: LØBO
performer : TOVE VESTMØ

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