Bass Guitar Frequency Range/Bassworks 2003

Seeds for BGFR took root at Music Moscow 2003
Clinics for Handy Pepper and promo Video
Crazy Bike Ride and Orient by double bass band
The album represents something fresh for the chillout and lounge realm with its blend of melodic, progressive and neo-classical elements mixed with funk, traditional Eastern music and strong influence taken from progressive rock and jazz to create the unique Bassworks sound. Adding more fire to song writing and bass work is the Sax of Anders Honore,voice of VFsix vocalist Fannie and great work from producers -Peter Mossman (Pink Floyd Tributes-The Wall 2000, Dark Side of the Moon 2001and Out of Phase) and Peter Kyed, whose precise and powerful play add even more energy to the 12 tracks on offer. This album marks a fairly large step forward in terms of creative growth in production, arrangements, and just overall ‘sophistication’…it’s quite a bit more ‘complex’ than the previous album.  


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