This 2000 production represents material culled from bassist Alex Choub’s bank of previously unreleased outtakes or, as he states, “surfacings.” Here, Choub enlists the services of prominent modern jazz trumpeter/composer Paul Wies along with drummer Fleming Olsen (a fellow Secret Cinema bandmate) and drummer/percussionist/ singer Celvin Clarke. In addition, a female vocalist – an opera singer Naja Monrad Hansen, sings on two tracks; yet, other than the leader, all the instrumentalists appear on selected pieces. With this effort, Alex utilizes his electronic “tapping” instruments to lay down complex ostinato-type motifs while multi-tracking bass parts and churning out electrified solos. Hence, Alex paints polytonal fabrics of sound via his cunning discourses and obliquely stated passages. Overall, the artist provides a mix, consisting of ambient dreamscapes atop hard-driving backbeats and East Indian modalities. Meanwhile, musicians execute harmonious unison choruses amid straight-four rock measures and worldbeat-style grooves. Thus, Surfacings is a noteworthy outing from a musician who generally seeks to expand his already wide-ranging horizons.

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