El’mian/Palm Tree 2008

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Integrates traditional orchestral instruments including violin and viola with a jazz / rock rhythm section and ethnic percussion. The music has been described as: elegant, sensual, cinematic, visual, multilayered and complex – but very accessible. Great CD to relax by, visit your emotions with, or spend time with someone you love, — blending Eastern and other world music styles with jazz/chillout rhythms. It incorporates formal structures but has lots of room for improvising and solos.

Clearly, these are virtuoso players who could play traditional jazz but choose to play more outside and emphasize the whole over the singular parts. It is an audiophile quality recording, captured with a combination of ultra-high quality digital and analog techniques. Here’s an offering that was done just for the music.
Grygory Khodos on viola and el-violin ,Shohreh on Duff  and various percussion (including a Roland HDP15) Alex Choub on 6 string Handy Pepper, Roland V bass, and a rare Youkomolsky designed bass. All recorded at Indigo studios. The music is haunting, evocative of the place, and quite unique. When you listen on headphones it is exactly like being there. Package is self-designed no-plastic, as with Bassworks.

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