Rush Inside/Bassworks 2006

rush inside

Bassworks’s last international release on russian NuNote, groundbreaking music, with great musicians in the backup band and guest appearances from Debbie Cameron, Peter Mossman and Calvin Clarke. This CD has songs as well as instrumentals, and the lyrics are not just thrown on, they’re deep, sometimes humorous, and always surprising. Alex Choub, a virtuoso performer on the 6 string Bass, provides a number of different grooves here. Accompanied by an able group of musicians, he does Progressive rock (“Bass Guitar Frequency Range”), world (“Trof Im DJembe”), hip hop (“Wicked”) and Lounge (“Night Dream”). He also brings in a couple of heavy guest performers. Saxophonist Anders Honore brings some real excitement and a acid feel to “Nostalgy”, offering a fast-paced, well-constructed take on the modal changes and trading licks with Alex Choub¬† later in the piece. Trumpetist Paul Weis also takes a nice turn, offering echoes of Maynard Ferguson’s style. Russian bass master Victor Shapovalov joins Alex in a bass duo on “Orient”, and the depth of texture that is created by these two musicians is incredible. Throughout the CD, Alex plays bass lines, guitar-like melodic lines and chordal accompaniment simultaneously. especially in the bass solo ,without the use of overdubs. Both hands play melody, bass and chords independently and together to create a full, rich sound. The musical result is a soothing sonic blend of strings that sound almost like 2 or 3 talented musicians- all at once! A solid effort that will be appreciated by jazz, fusion,lounge and progressive rock fans alike.

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